Be prepared! These legal and personal documents help you and your loved ones if you get sick or die.  Great value - includes Last Will &Testament, Living Will and more.

Unsolicited customer comment:
I have used itsmylife twice to write wills for myself and my husband. We wrote our wills about four years ago and had to revise them as we moved to a different state. The instructions are clear and easy to understand. The service produces professional looking legal documents. I received customer support from Liz as I was unsure about a particular item. Her assistance was courteous, professional and thorough. I am recommending "It's my life" to my friends as the cost effective, and very satisfactory alternative to hiring a lawyer to draw up all these legal documents.
DA, North Carolina
Just wanted to comment on the excellent services your site provides. In addition, your Customer Service is the best I've ever dealt with. I've already told my Family, and many Friends, about itsmylife. You can be sure I'll be using your renewal services next year. Again, thank you for everything!
VF, Virginia
A great site for doing wills and other legal documents. I am going to Afghanistan next month and realized I didn't have a will or final wishes ready. Your service was so easy...thanks.
SH, Florida
It is a great product. I have referred it to many friends.
MG, Arizona
What great customer service!
MH, Florida
I love your service. It was just what we needed - and more! Thank you for making it so easy to get our affairs in order.
LP, California
I was so happy to find had fellow co-workers sign for me, they were impressed with how easy and professional the process was. Some stated they would also use your service.
BSH, Nevada
We are very pleased with itsmylife and it has been a very handy tool. Thank you again for your quick response and will tell others about you.
DH, Tennessee
Thanks for making an unpleasant chore so easy on us as we have been putting it off too long due to the expense of a lawyer. We are both on limited incomes and it really solved a problem.
GH, Oklahoma
I really appreciate this and have created a Will for myself using “It’s My Life” and plan to recommend this service to the rest of my family members! Your efforts are greatly appreciated!! A “It’s My Life” fan for life!
NT, Florida
I really like the service you are providing.
BL, North Carolina
This is a great service.
RE, California
We have been dreading doing this! Just got married and do a lot of traveling and want to make sure everything is in order, and your service makes it so easy! We just love it and I plan on recommending it to everyone! Happy New Year!
KY, Maryland
What a great service at such a good price - will recommend to others.
DJ, Georgia
I really like my documents....and the instructions that enable me to deal with my final wishes independently. Thanks for this great service at a reasonable cost. I especially appreciate your considerate and thorough response.
NN, Florida
I did use your service and love it. I have recommended it to many others. Thank you!
CC, Florida
Great follow up, great service & great peace of mind. I'm happy to share your company's services with friends and family.
KM, Florida
Thank you for your prompt response and assistance.
MW, Ohio
I really enjoyed your formats and will be telling my friends about it too. What a great service.
DG, Arizona
This is a great service.
TL, Minnesota
I am telling everyone about this service. It is super!
LG, North Carolina
We have quite a few people we know looking into creating their will...we'll give them your site.
LT, Alabama
Great site, great way to get your will done!
SN, Washington
Thanks for It was a great help to me in getting this done.
NH, Illinois
We are very happy with the easy format of your service.
JH, Washington
We have been very impressed with your system and the Wills it has produced have put us at ease.
DS & JS, Iowa
I told two people at work today how easy it was to make the Will and both of them will be doing a Will with your company.
CG, Rhode Island
Thanks so much for your fast response time.
KB, California
I'd recommend your service to anyone.
DR, Texas
Thank you so much for your kindness and attention.
RW, Pennsylvania
Thank you so much for your help. I am sorry I was in such a hurry, but I needed to get this done asap. Thanks again and have a great weekend.
SH, Pennsylvania
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