Be prepared! These legal and personal documents help you and your loved ones if you get sick or die.  Great value - includes Last Will &Testament, Living Will and more.

Press Comment
As long as do-it-yourself wills are done correctly, signed and witnessed, they are as legally binding as ones completed by a lawyer. There are many options, such as the Will & Trust Kit by personal finance guru Suze Orman and such Web sites as and”
July 27 2008
“I recently made my estate plans with It was easy and I was able to really outline how I want my pets taken care of if I pass away. If you have not already done so, consider making your estate plans to include your pets. Then, you can feel the comfort of knowing you are giving them the best hope for the future.”
November 2008
“LegalZoom and similar sites, like, have been gaining popularity by letting customers create official documents without hiring lawyers. All of the forms provided by LegalZoom and ItsMyLife are legally binding if filled out completely and properly.”
August 2 2008
“ This online resource is easy to use and thoughtful, guiding users through some difficult choices they may need to make."
July 6 2008
“For Suzan Snider, was a help in organizing not just her estate, but her life. The process helped her take stock of her assets and plan. And planning is the key. If you have pets, and you love them, start the process now.”
July 21 2008
“… with the ubiquity of the Internet, there are many options for planning your estate (which are affordable). Then again, these offerings can be legalistic and foreboding. Well, that’s what tries not to be.”
January 15 2008
“ offers private letter creation as part of a menu of do-it-yourself estate-planning documents, including a last will and testament, living will, … and living trusts.”
January 30 2008
“… offers "Fast and Easy" documents to protect loved ones in the event of death, including last wills and testaments, living wills, and - most important for animal companions - Pets Letters of Wishes.”
September 5 2008
“The need for the service lies in the fact that there are no guarantees in life, including living …In addition to the necessary documents, such as living wills, irrevocable living trusts, health power of attorney and final wishes, It's My Life also offers the opportunity to build a document that records the user's personality and acts to keep the memory alive.”
February 22 2008
“’s online documents have evolved according to customer requests.”
February 10 2008
“While it may feel a bit odd to write emails that people won’t see until you pass on, it is a great way to say those things you never could while you were alive. offers private letters as well as extra documents such as funeral plans, wills, living wills and more.”
January 29 2008
“There are many user-friendly, do-it-yourself resources available today that make creating your own will a snap and are plenty adequate for most people. Some top Web sites include,, and”
January 4 2008
“ prepares, updates and distributes all manner of legal and personal documents, including living wills and funeral wishes.”
December 26 2007
“If, after departing this life, you'd like to leave thoughts, feelings or special messages with friends and loved ones you've left behind, a Web site,, will help you put it all down in words in a private letter”
March 12 2008
“Four years ago, Jon and Liz Sayers created a simple but comprehensive will obtainable online at The will offers a comprehensive component on pets that covers more facets of your pet's future care than most traditional wills.”
May 1 2008
“, a Web site that offers forms for legal wills and other end-of-life documents, for a fee, which individuals and couples can fill out on their own. Pets are a big part of their concern.”
September 9 2008
The Resident
“Even if we aren’t wealthy, we still leave stuff behind when we die, including (and especially) pets. Adding a pet to your will is important - it’s less about leaving the pet your money as it is about making sure a pet will be cared for after you’re gone. The online estate-planning service recommends that pets be protected in writing. Verbal agreements can easily be forgotten.”
January 21 2009
“Of course, lawyers can draw up personal Wills, which may include custody arrangements for pets. But, there is something that you can do now -- just to protect your pet(s). is a service that allows you to make personal documents to protect you and your loved ones.”
January 13 2009
“Make a resolution to protect your pets. offers a "Pets Letter of Wishes" that sets out in writing, for courts and executors, exactly who gets an animal in case the owner dies.”
January 11 2009 Exotic Pets
“One website,, is so concerned about this issue that it created a service where any pet owner can make a Pets Letter of Wishes instantly – including a photo of your favorite exotic pet.”
December 28 2008