Be prepared! These legal and personal documents help you and your loved ones if you get sick or die.  Great value - includes Last Will &Testament, Living Will and more.

175 million Americans don't have a Will!
Most wives, husbands, partners and children have ZERO protection if they lose a loved one. 61% of parents don't have a valid Will - so most children have none of the protection that only a Will can provide.
How many Americans die every year? Over 2,4 million! Over 1 million of these are sudden.
Every day 2,600 Americans expect to be alive tomorrow - and they're not. Sudden death brings all kinds of cruelty including problems for the people you love most, unless you have basic documents that make your wishes known. Cardiovascular disease is America’s No 1 killer, taking one life every 40 seconds. Cancer causes one death every 56 seconds. Accidents are also a major cause of unexpected death:

Type of accident

How many in a year

Average frequency
In hospital 90,000 One American dies in a hospital from a medical error or a lethal infection every 6 minutes
At home 54,500 One American killed in an accident at home every 10 minutes
Transport 46,844 One American killed by a traffic accident every 11 minutes
Poisoning 40,059 One American accidentally poisoned to death every 13 minutes
Falls 22,631 One American killed in a fall every 23 minutes
Homicide 18,361 One American murdered every 29 minutes
Drunk driving 10,288 28 Americans killed by a drunk driver every day
Drowning 3,443 9 Americans drowned every day
Using ItsMyLife, you can have your Last Will & Testament in your hands. You can also make the other key documents that everyone needs - your Living Will, Health Power of Attorney and Financial Power of Attorney. You also get help to plan your funeral and write private letters.
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